‘You’ Fans Think They’ve Figured Out The Freaky Reason Behind The Show’s Weird Name


There are a few shows that become so popular and talked-about that literally, every person with a pulse ends up watching it. This year, Netflix‘s You is one of those shows, alongside the much-hyped Fyre Festival documentaries.

For those who are yet to get their teeth into the stalker series, or have decided it sounds wayyy too creepy for their liking, the American thriller follows the story of bookshop owner Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) and an aspiring writer named Beck (Elizabeth Lail).

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Besides the freaky-deaky storyline, we’ve got to admit You is a pretty weird name for a TV show. But now, four months after its release, the internet thinks it’s finally figured out the reason behind the name, and it’s spooky as heck.

It all started when Twitter user @keyanaland took to the social media platform to share her compelling theory with fans:

“i just get why ‘you’ on netflix is called ‘you’. bc my friend asked what i’m doing and i said ‘im watching you’ and it honestly sounds just as creepy as the whole season is…..” wrote Keyana.

Actual footage of me right now:

Since then, the Tweet has received over 28,000 likes and been retweeted close to 5,000 times – because, let’s be honest, it makes a LOT of sense.

Naturally, the online community responded in the best way possible – with a series of glorious reaction gifs:

In fact, the Tweet’s gained so much traction, even Netflix US has responded to the theory, and they’re definitely not denying it:

My, my, my – it looks like there’s definitely legs to this theory and I, for one, am convinced.

Others have shared funny stories of confusion caused by the unsuspecting series name:

“My friend and I were texting. And it took a solid 15 minutes through text for him to finally understand that I was watching a tv show called ‘you’”.