The Next Season Of ‘You Can’t Ask That’ Calls On Firefighters To Talk About Climate Change

The fifth season of ABC’s You Can’t Ask That is headed to our screens real soon, and the first trailer for the new series gives us a peek at who we’ll get to meet in the new instalment. One of the groups that are being highlighted in the fifth edition of the show is Australia’s firefighters, straight after the exhausting summer the country’s fire service has endured.

One of the firefighters included is 18-year-old Harriet Foard who was sent into Mallacoota to fight the devastating blazes before the Navy arrived to rescue residents and tourists from the beach.

From the little peek we’ve had at the new season of You Can’t Ask That, Harriet and other firefighters will be asked questions about thought-provoking and sensitive issues like climate change and people staying in fire zones to protect their homes, to the more ridiculous questions like whether they entered the fire service just to try and get themselves in the famed Hot Firefighters calendar. Which, look, fair question.

Alongside firefighters, You Can’t Ask That will spend its fifth season focusing on people living on the Autism spectrum, nudists, people who have killed others, HIV-positive people, Olympic and Paralympic gold medallists, people who live in public housing, and the one group who tells it straight; children.

The fifth season of You Can’t Ask That hits the ABC and iView from 9pm on Wednesday, March 18.

Check out the trailer below, this new season is shaping up to be a bloody beauty.