If you watched Married at First Sighttonight, you’ll know two things: firstly, that the twins, Sharon and Michelle, had a perplexing argument about the fact that Michelle was following Nick, Sharon’s ‘husband’, on Snapchat

You’ll also know that Michelle (or Mish, as she is affectionately referred to), ultimately declined her ‘husband’ Jesse‘s proposal to renew their vows as a married couple, although she was insistent that they remain best friends, because obviously, that is what they are.

Poor, sweet, innocent fruit grocer Jesse. The whole wounded thing worked for him really well, it turns out, because the power of the internet are rallying behind him and are equally as devastated as he must be:

Luckily, it looks like Jesse ain’t gonna be single for long. 
Source: Twitter. 
Photo: Channel 9 / Married at First Sight.