You Can Now Buy Movie Tix On Snapchat ‘Cause Websites Are For Suckers

As if using it to send nudes and do terrible face swaps with your drunk friends wasn’t already enough: Snapchat is going to let punters use the app to buy movie tickets – because the future is a baffling and wonderful time to exist in.

Users will be able to swipe up on ads for X-Men: Apocalypse and make the purchase right there in the app, without having to make the exhausting trek into a browser tab.
Snapchat has had the ticket functionality for a while but this is the first time someone has taken them up on it. Folks in the US will also get an X-Men “lens takeover”, featuring 9 new filters, each based on a different mutant from the movie.
Apocalypse is the ninth instalment in the long-running X-Men franchise. It takes place chronologically before the original trilogy, but won’t necessarily end up there thanks to some weird timeline bullshit that went down in the previous film, Days Of Future Past
It features James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence reprising their roles with the addition of The Force AwakensOscar Isaac as ancient supermutant Apocalypse.
Source: Mashable.
Photo: Getty Images / Christian Vierig.