‘Super Troopers 2’ Cops The Perfect Release Date Weed Been Expecting

Sometimes the stars just align, and everything is perfect.

Super Troopers 2‘ has been in the works for a little while now, following one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever held.

The Broken Lizard gang took the US$4.6million the campaign managed to raise, and have since officially wrapped shooting on the upcoming sequel to the hugely beloved 2001 cult favourite.

Now the promotion train begins, and it starts with dropping a release date so dang perfect it’s hard to believe it wasn’t the plan from the very beginning.

Broken Lizard member Steve Lemme has let on that the film is set for release in the US spring of 2018.

In a recent interview with Seven Days and, while he refused to actually say the date out loud, he gave every indication as to when it’s gonna arrive.

There is [a release date], but I can’t tell you what it is. Here’s what I can tell you: It’s springtime and there’s a very obvious date, which happens to fall on a Friday this year. It’s going to be our widest release. And it’s testing better than any movie we’ve tested. It came out fantastic.

Would you even believe that April 20th just so happens to fall on a Friday in 2018, during the US springtime?

April 20.


The weed day, baby. Marijuana Christmas.

In a further indication that the film is gonna fall on Bong Kippur, distributing company Fox Searchlight has shifted the release of Wes Anderson‘s upcoming stop-motion project Isle of Dogs from April 20th to March 23rd, leaving the date free and clear for the return of Vermont’s finest.

Meow that is good news for all.