You Ain’t Nothing, Hamdog: ‘Straya Now Has A Truly Fucked ‘Mutant Burger’

We’ve just about reached the end of our rope with novelty burgers, but there’s probably room in our bellies for one or two more.
Fresh off the heels of the Gene Wilder tribute burger is the ‘Mutant Burger’, an ungodly marriage of triple chilli chicken, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion held together together by an ~electric blue~ bun.
Blue da ba dee da ba daa
Why blue? The guys over at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has teamed up with Ribs & Burgers / Deliveroo to spruik the release of X-Men: Apocalypse on Blu-ray and DVD (remember those), so it’s a nod to Jennifer Lawrence‘s character Mystique.
All Ribs & Burgers stores across NSW, Victoria, QLD and WA will offer the monstrosity on Mutant Day, which is tomorrow, September 28.
For Sydneysiders, there’s even the opp to have your burg delivered by a ‘mutanised’ Deliveroo rider.
Can you honestly say you wouldn’t want a selfie with one of these doods?
rollin’ into the office like
From 3 – 5pm on the Wednesday, there’ll even be 200 Mutant Burgers going for freesies; alls you’ve got to do is place and order on the app and pray like hell it gets accepted.
The promotion will stick around for a few days – a week, to be exact – so you’ve got time to steel your arteries.
God speed.

Photo: Supplied.