A former contestant from the current series of The X Factor: Australia, Emmanuel Kelly from Melbourne, has been given epic props by legendary peace enthusiast Yoko Ono. While most The X Factor contenders are alumnae of failed boy bands and talented fat girls, 17-year-old Kelly (an Iraq native) lives with limb deficiencies that are the result of chemical warfare. He sang a cover of John Lennon’s classic pro-peace joint “Imagine” for his audition and the YouTube clip somehow found its way to one-time Lennon muse, Yoko.

She posted the video of Kelly’s performance on her “Imagine Peace” website with a personal message:

“Thank you, Emmanuel. You sang beautifully!
Thank you. John would have been proud of you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Love, yoko”

She also tweeted it to her 1,564,756 followers, so imagine all the people* who have watched it by now?

Watch the original audition below with the tissues on standby.