Yep, Amy Schumer’s Boss In Trainwreck Is Legit Tilda Swinton

WE KNOW, RIGHT? We had to squint at our screen while watching the trailer for Trainwreck, too. 
ICYMI, the part of Amy Schumer‘s eccentric boss Dianne is legit Tilda Swinton. She is absolutely unrecognisable, and people are completely bewildered about her drastic transformation. 
She spoke to The Huffington Post about her metamorphosis, and the heavy amount of tan she had to wear (it doesn’t seem as though she was a fan):
“It’s fun to dress as someone different and this woman looks, frankly, like a lot of women I pass on the street every day, the women who go for that particular tandoori tan and the eye make-up and hair. But for me, that look is pretty extreme.”

“I’m delighted to say that I’m unrecognisable. I don’t know whether one would really want to be recognisable in this role. [laughs] But here we are, and it’s available for everybody. You just have to go to a big make-up counter in a big department store and you, too, can get that look.”