When it comes to sister acts, not many do it better than Eliza and Hannah May Reilly.

The pair are probably best known for their ABC1 comedy documentary series, ‘Growing Up Gracefully‘.

The six-part series – which premiered last year – put the outdated etiquette and social rules young women are expected to abide by under the microscope. The result was a fresh, whip-smart, funny as fuck program that gifted us viral pearlers like ‘#LeaveAt343‘:

Fans of the sisters (no, they’re not twins, they’re 13 months apart thank ye very much) will be stoked to hear they’re back. This time though, they’re taking it to the stage.

The Reillys have been busy writing, directing and preparing to star in ‘Yarramadoon: The Musical‘ – a one-hour extravaganza touted as an “Australiana musical unlike any other” – that’s premiering next week at the Downstairs Theatre at Sydney‘s revered Belvoir St Theatre.

The show, set in the deeply-iconic year of 2004, follows a 16-year-old girl called Shelley as she chooses between inevitable teen pregnancy in her rural hometown or an exciting career in retail in the big smoke.

The show is an ode of sorts to all the gloriously grotty parts of semi-rural Australia in the early ’00s – from flip phones to denim skirts, school formal dramas to Gloria Jeans.

We caught a sneak preview of the show last week and can confirm, if you were born anytime before 1999, the show evokes laugh-out-loud noughties nostalgia better than logging into your old MySpace does.

“It’s about big dreams in a small town, and dare we sat it, the Australian spirit. Think, fucked up McLeod’s Daughters, Kath and Kim, or The Castle… but with songs!” says Eliza.

The show is part of Belvoir’s 25A season, a new independent theatre program that gives a platform to some of Sydney’s most exciting emerging artists.

The Reilly’s will be performing the show, which includes a bunch of original tunes, alongside composer Matthew Predny from July 25th to August 11th.

Tickets are $25 and you can grab yours here.

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