Legendary larrikins Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are returning to your tellies with a brand new series that’ll air in 2017.

Ya Bois Hamish & Andy Just Announced A Top Secret TV Series Coming In 2017

Details of the show are being kept top-secret for now, but there are good odds it’ll involve tomfoolery and a decided lack of pants.

The boys made the announcement from the decks of The People’s Cruise, currently bobbing around somewhere in the South Pacific, and joked “we’re going to spend the rest of the cruise working tirelessly to invent a new cocktail to celebrate the occasion.”

H&A tried to talk more about it with Karlos & co. on the TODAY Show but, you know, reception issues on-deck etc.

It’ll be their first dip back into TV since Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year South America in 2014 – a ratings winner.

We, for one, are psyched.

Photo: Twitter / @hamishandandy.