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Of all the sci-fi films and TV shows out there, alien investigators are almost unanimously in agreement that The X-Files portrays the most accurate image of how extraterrestrials look and act.

And with the iconic show now up to its 11th season, Pedestrian.TV asked Mary Rodwell, Founder and Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, to analyse the series and separate the fact from the fiction.

Scarily, there is more truth in the show than there is BS.

“There is always an aspect of sensationalism in all fiction but being involved as a researcher in this field for over 25 years I can tell you that many of the concepts covered in The X-Files are based on real information that most of the public may be unaware of unless they are exploring what is hidden from them,” Mary says.

“Many may call this information a conspiracy theory but in fact it is often based on hard evidence.”

As Mary states, the show obviously exaggerates concepts to make it entertaining, so I asked her if she feels like the series is helpful or a hindrance on the study of the unknown. Brace your fkn selves for her response…

“I believe there is much more truth in fiction than the mainstream realises,” she says. “The series helps to open minds and get people thinking. On the other hand, it can also promote fears that may be unfounded as with the alien abduction scenarios which are not a reflection of the truth.”

Adding, “In many sci-fi series’, the non-human beings are in a majority of instances conveyed as negative and this is not the case, however, many thousands – if possibly millions – are having benevolent interactions and communication with these beings if my clients information is credible and I believe it is.”

Which leads to one of the greatest alien-related questions that believers have: are extraterrestrials benevolent or malevolent?

“In a recent academic study of over 4,000 people, 85% said their interactions were benevolent against only 15% who said they were not,” she says.

Here, I’ve asked Mary to take the reins and discuss some theories explored in The X-Files’ 11th season that ring true.


The Mandela effect is a concept that was explored in the series. This is where some have a memory that isn’t part of the overall consensus reality. For example, some people had recalled that Nelson Mandela died at an earlier time than the consensus.

Some attribute this to false memory but some say this is because they have tapped into a parallel universe or different timeline.


There is a wealth of data which suggests that there are numerous covert programs that are exploring and doing genetic research like cloning, mixing species and hybridisation.

In my work with those who believe they have encounters (over 3,000 to date globally) with non-human intelligences (NHI), a high number mention that they feel and sense they are hybrids, part human/part non-human (ET). They have said not only are non-human intelligences doing this with humans onboard crafts but our own covert military are also doing this and some have seen these facilities.

This has been both information from the clients, even children, but also whistle-blower information.

The X-File on Scully having been used for this program and having a hybrid son named William is very credible. And yes, many of the so-called hybrids do have advanced awareness, telepathy, pre-cognition (seeing future events) mind influencing, but the military of course want this for the creation of such things as super soldiers. I have written about the new aware/advanced upgrades of children in my book The New Human.


Episode 6 explores the treatment of military exposed to biological weapons and the detrimental effects this had on them. This is based on many programs that were eventually known about.

Not only after nuclear tests that affected the military present and radioactivity they were exposed to (i.e. Manhattan project [Bikini Attoll]) but other covert tests that were done to see what effect they had on the body and mind of the soldiers, and some in the community (prisoners and the disabled).

They were used as test subjects and many former soldiers speak about how they have also been exposed to many vaccinations that were not properly tested.


Project Bluebird was also a reality and was all about mind control. There have been testing since the 1940s with drugs such as LSD but also other programs to create programmed humans. MKULTRA was one such program, much of this research came from the USA and other countries taking the scientists from Nazi Germany who were experimenting on humans called Operation Paperclip.

Both Russia and the UK also had their share of these scientists and their work continued covertly on disabled children and even prisons to see what certain drugs/radioactivity had on the body and mind.


In episode 5 the concept of Scully’s hybrid child being telepathic and otherawareness’s is accurate. Those who come to me with encounters speak of some of their children having telepathic abilities with them, even as babies. Some identify as hybrids.

But there is also a covert program where my clients say the covert military are doing this too. Emery Smith, a whistle-blower, mentions this.


Episode 10’s exploration on the concept of biological weapons and population control is a lot more realistic than people think.

There are many people who believe that there are protocols to cull the populace including Chemtrails (which are not only supposedly for weather control) but also make people sick.

Some believe that the numerous vaccinations that are recommended have a dark agenda, some to make us infertile, and also that food is being deliberately polluted due to the insecticides and preservatives.

Many also believe that fluoride is another additive (it’s a brain neurotoxin) is supposed to dumb us down. But there is no doubt that the possibility of a biological weapon is real.

Now I’ll leave you with the most common question Mary receives from The X-Files fans and how she answers it:

“The most common question is how much of the series is based on fact? I answer far more than you would probably like it to be.”

Image: The X-Files