PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Universal Pictures to get you out of the house.

When I was in high school, I was one of those middling kids who was juuuust cool enough to be invited to parties, but enough of a nerd to cancel and stay home to nap. Most of my close friends were the same – our group had its party-goers, but most of us preferred to stay home and either get schoolwork done or watch a whole bunch of TV.

But the parties we DID go to? Well, growing up in a rural town meant that they were usually on farms, with barely any light and only a few dozen cows braying in the distance for company.

It was a recipe for unsupervised shenanigans, and my best mate and I would always get away with it by using the ol’ switch trick: telling your parents that you’d be at the other person’s house all night, and vice versa.


But I’m well aware of some of the genius, wacky and frankly nigh-on unbelievable excuses that folks have given their parents just to go out and party.

If you’ve got a tale worth regaling us with, tell us about it in 25 words or less and you could score yourself a free double pass for you and your party accomplice to go check out Booksmart, the latest teen flick directed by Olivia Wilde, at a special advanced screening in your closest capital city.

In the film, the two sassy AF lead characters (played by Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein – who is also Jonah Hill’s younger sis, fun fact) are total teacher’s pets who focused entirely on school and missed out on the party experience — until literally the last night of school, where they make up for it in a massive night that frankly blows my farm experiences out of the stratosphere.


For real though, the flick is enough of a party to make a big ol’ night of it with your best mate, so whack in your wildest party excuses above and ditch those plans to have a night at home doing nothing.

If you’re one of the lucky winners, you’ll be able to come along to one of the following advanced screenings:

Sydney: Event Cinemas George St, Monday 1st July, 6.30pm
Melbourne: Hoyts Melbourne Central, Wednesday 10th July, 6.30pm
Brisbane: New Farm Cinemas, Monday 8th July, 6.30pm
Adelaide: Greater Union Film House Hindley St, Monday 8th July, 6.30pm
Perth: Event Innaloo, Monday 8th July, 6.30pm

The movie itself comes out on July 11th for everyone else, so if you wanna get your eyeballs onto the goodness early, make sure you give it a crack for this comp.

Besides, now that we’re all adults, we don’t need to worry about coming up with an excuse to explain your whereabouts to your ‘rents (although I absolutely still blame my parents whenever I can’t go to something, even at the ripe old age of 25 – oops).

‘Cos there’s no excuse to miss out on a damn good time.

Image: Universal Pictures