If you’re not on Twitter, then I feel sorry for you (actually, I don’t it’s a terrible place, don’t ever go there). BUT it means that you don’t get to see the fantastic threads from former editor of The ToastNicole Cliffe – where she asks her followers a simple question and gets inundated with the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever read.

Today, she’s asked her followers what the worst thing they’ve ever eaten is. The only rule is that it can’t be a dish that is meant to be food/a delicacy (like Balut, a Philippino street food that’s literally a baby chick embryo boiled inside the shell and eaten) but actual legit grot, rank, fucked up shit that people have put in their gobs – either by accident or without their knowledge.

Now I must warn you, these responses…they’re fucking gross. There’s no other way to put it. If you thought “oh well it’s probably just people accidentally eating shit” well you’d be correct but also that is just the START of all the horrific junk that people have unfortunately brought into contact with their tastebuds.

Proceed with caution, and maybe a strong stomach.

Phwoar, no thanks.

The chocolate in s’mores is gooey too, EURGK NO THANK.

Sweet jesus are you trying to kill everyone, Sharon???

Hangovers are a delicate, terrible time. Drinking a tuna smoothie at the best of times would make me blow chunks. Jesus christ.


“…and it was the worst 10th birthday ever.”

I mean you *think* this one’s bad and then it just…keeps getting worse?


This has straight-up made my eyes water.

I don’t think I like the direction that Pop Tarts have gone in, tbh.

UGH NO. Fuck to durians. Fuck to the bad-smelling spiky fruit that I hate so much. They should be abolished.

Wow. No. Just…no.

Anyway, I’m feeling like I’m about to die from trawling through all of these responses.

I can’t even think of the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. Was it dry cat food/kibble when I was a three-year-old? Or was it the cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches my dad used to give me for packed lunch at school which as resulted in me not being able to have butter with ANY sweet spreads?

Good grief, how are we not all dead from accidentally poisoning ourselves, that’s what I wanna know.

Image: Touchstone Pictures