QLD Now Officially Has The World’s Tallest Living Giraffe & He Should Use That In His Hinge Bio

Hear ye, hear ye, Queensland’s Australia Zoo is officially home to the world’s tallest living giraffe, in case you were wondering.

Forest, who stands at an impressive 5.7 metres, was awarded the title by Guinness World Records earlier today.

“Adult males, or bulls, typically measure between 4.6 and 5.5 m,” the site said in its announcement.

“But towering to the same height as a stack of four MINI cars from the ground to the tips of his ossicones (the bony protuberances atop a giraffe’s head), Forest is truly a statuesque specimen.”

The blessed giraffe, who’s 12 years old, was originally born at Auckland Zoo back in ’07 before relocating to Queensland at the age of two.

And – get this – he’s still growing.

Peep the glorious Irwin fan celebrating the mammoth achievement…

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“Forest has always been very special to us here at Australia Zoo, and now he’s even more amazing,” Terri Irwin celebrated on Twitter. “We are so proud to announce that Forest is officially the world’s tallest living giraffe. Woo-hoo!”

“He is one beautiful gentle giant,” Robert added.

Forest, we bow to thee. I’m sure you won’t have any problems in finding a giraffe mate.