Woody Harrelson Didn’t Realise the Hemsworths Were Related

Oh to be inside the mind of super chill dude Woody Harrelson.

The star of True Detective, Zombieland, the best Saturday Night Live episode in recent memory and endless reruns of Cheers has been hilariously, righteously baked since the late 1980s. So much so that, during a recent interview with his Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth, the following interaction took place.
You see, while Woody realised that there were two tall, handsome dudes walking around Hollywood with the same Aussie accent, the same extremely uncommon surname and quite similar brick shithouse builds, he never put it together that they were actually related. Bless his incredibly stoned heart.
Nobody tell him about Luke Hemsworth or he’ll flip his fucking shit.
Update: It occurs to us that, even though this video was only posted recently, the logo behind the pair suggests that this interview is actually from the Catching Fire era. Whether it was better or worse that Woody Harrelson didn’t know about Chris and Liam Hemsworth’s brotherly bond a year ago is up to you to decide. 
via Complex