‘Wonder Woman’ Director Calls Absolute BS On Letter Bashing Warner Bros

Blind items about the inner workings of Hollywood are juicy as all hell, but the goss-hungry public has to contend with the fact it could be literally anyone ragging on the film industry’s major players. 

While “Gracie Law” from yesterday’s viral attack on Warner Bros could just be some miffed DC fan, only one person can speak as Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins. And that’s Patty Jenkins. 

Responding to the letter’s claim Wonder Woman is “another mess” that is sure to join Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad as critical fuck-ups, Jenkins took to Twitter to clear the air for her invisible jet around the entire issue.

If her take on the letter is anything to go by, the film itself is probably gonna be ferocious. 

Elsewhere, DC mega-producer Zack Snyder – who was chastised in the letter for delivering “more [opportunities] to get more people laid off” – has kept mum on the situation.

Instead, he’s teased fans with a world in which Jason Momoa’s Aquaman vanquishes foes with nothing but tasty riffs:

Whether that pre-release fan appeasement is akin to Jenkins & Co. supposedly trying “to hide behind the great trailer” for Wonder Woman is yet to be seen.