Stop Working & Watch This Portly Wombat Doing Zoomies Until 5.30PM, That’s An Order

In what is likely some strong overshare energy (lol it’s me, of course there’s overshare energy), I am going through a breakup right now and I can tell you this for fucking free – the only work I want to do right now is write about terrible films and any animal doing the zoomies.

[jwplayer QunZUtZ4]

In what I am sure is a gift from the breakup gods, I was gifted both things today. You can catch the former in my link up there, but friends – the true blessing today was this wombat doing zoomies in his yard, because he just really enjoys the morning, apparently.

I feel like we should bin the emu from our coat of arms and replace it with the wombat. They are just nicer-seeming Aussie animals, don’t you think? A wombat wouldn’t peck your eyeballs out for no reason.

Sure, they may barrel toward you in a menacing fashion but I like to believe, with no research whatsoever, that this is rare and they are in fact heavenly creatures who only wish love and peach on this world and all who sail in it.

Some highlights – when the little wombie does the spins. Also, when it jumps and does a little zizzle in the air! Come on, it’s the purest thing you’ve ever seen, correct?

The video comes from the Wombat Awareness Association’s Facebook page – they’re the only free range wombat sanctuary, which means these guys get to zoomie all they like on their grounds as they rehabilitate or live their lives post-abandonment. Sadly heaps of wombies are hit by cars, leaving little babies all alone.

I am going to cry if I keep going on like this, but the good news is a) you can chuck ’em a follow and b) you can donate on their site here.

If you haven’t got a huge smile on your face now, you’re a demon – fact.