Woman Trolls Creepy DM Guy With Fake Cleavage Pic Thanks To A Dude’s Butt

An iconic US woman by the name of Jennifer Sandbach is trolling the men who send her creepy and unsolicited shit in the DMs and posting them online. One such prank involved Jenni sending a dude another man’s butt disguised as cleavage. The swindle of the century. We have no choice but to stan.

Let’s dive into this story’s crack.

Last week, Jenni posted a recent exchange she’d had with a guy who’d messaged her with the ever-chivalrous request of seeing nudes. “I just wanted to see your boobs that’s it.”

And send nudes Jenni did, sort of – she passed on an image that resembled cleavage, when, in actuality, it was ye ol’ disguised buttocks.

The image itself was taken by German actress and presenter Palina Rojinski, who conducted the cleavage prank with Late Night Berlin‘s Klaas Heufer-Umlauf last year in response to her own creepy DM inbox.

“I do save any photos I see on the net in advance that maybe have some use in following someone sending me unsolicited DMs,” Jenni explained, according to Mirror.

“I personally just post on the page for the entertainment value it provides me,” she told UNILAD. “But if it helps to empower and give other ladies the confidence to not take crap from guys sending these disgusting messages then I am happy to have helped.”

Seriously, if you check out one Facebook page tonight, it needs to be ‘Jenni Vs Creepy Inbox Guys‘. Goodnight.