Woman Drunkenly Reenacts Braveheart In Her Driveway, Court Takes Her Freedom

A 44-year-old Gold Coast woman was left blue and white red-faced when she was sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty to drunkenly waving a sword in her Chevron Island street, being inspired to do so by the movie Braveheart – an act that we can actually totally see Mad Mel pulling off these days.

She was watching William Wallace lead the Scottish army in Mel Gibson‘s 1995 Academy Award-winning epic, had a few too many wines, and then, believing herself to be a descendent of supporting character Robert the Bruce, Future King of Scots, took a little too much inspiration from Mel’s THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES speech, and thought it’d be fun to have a swing of a sword herself. For Queensland!

Barrister Chris Rosser said “This may sound ridiculous but she was watching Braveheart the movie and got into the swing of things… She said she got well involved, picked up her son’s sword and went on the driveway swinging the sword around, reliving the movie.”

“It goes without saying that alcohol was behind all of this.”

Neighbours arrived home to find the woman reliving the film in her
driveway (possibly trying to fend off invading New South Welshmen), and when they tried to drive off, she
struck their steed car with the sword. Rosser explained that the woman showed signs of Asperger Syndrome, and had problems with alcohol abuse, but that she was seeking treatment. She was sentenced to 18 months probation during which time she is to abstain from drinking, and submit to random alcohol tests. Prosecutor Sergeant Michael Campbell reportedly requested an additional condition of her probation: “that she does not watch Kill Bill.”

Via goldcoast.com.au