Winging, sticky and poo-stained children can be frustrating to look after. The next time you’re at your wits end with that significant infant in your life spare a thought for 19 year-old Autumn Braden who is now under police investigation after putting the two year old toddler she was caring for up for auction on eBay.

News of the posting spread like wildfire across the globe, with concerned residents of California reporting the teenager to police even though she was living in Ottawa County’s Allendale Township, about 25 kilometres west of Grand Rapids.

Autumn innocently told the press she made the offering to “see how eBay works,” and maintaining the stunt “wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.”

An interested shopper certainly did take the offering seriously as an unnamed man reportedly put in a tongue-in-cheek bid for the toddler which the seller astonishingly accepted. This series of events set off the cyber space alarm bells, which ended with a police hunt of the disgraced babysitter.

Everyone should be happy to know that the sale baby is safe, sound and off the market, back in her mum’s arms.

Words by Carla Efstratiou

Via Inside Retailing