Witness The Simmering Sexual Tension Between Matt Okine And Gretel Killeen

Never one to shy away from admitting to sucking his own dick (BUMP), Matt Okine now serves as one half of the ‘How NOT to Behave‘ expert panel alongside noted dragger of Big Brother housemates, Gretel Killeen

ABC kindly allowed us on-set to get a feel for behind-the-scenes and a taste of the palpable sexual tension between:

No crop job can hide the mutual froth, ABC website.

But seriously, all potential defamation cases aside, please enjoy watching Matt and Gretel ‘hate’ each other’s stinking guts, be the scum between each other’s toes and #tbt to this classic and still incredibly relevant moment in Australian television

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‘How Not To Behave’ airs every Wednesday at 8pm on ABC and can be found on iview