Winona Ryder’s Return To Leading Lady Status

Best news ever: Winona Ryder is experiencing a full career renaissance after scoring a leading role opposite Vince Vaughn in a new movie being directed by Ron Howard (title unknown).

There is just something special about Winona – she’s the ultimate antithesis of the ‘Hollywood Blonde’ with heavenly elfin features and a penchant for dating musicians and thieving. Boy have we missed her.

To celebrate her return to the silver screen (and our hearts), here’s our Top 5 Movies With Winona As Leading Lady.

1. BEETLE JUICE She was creepy and adorable in equal measures as ghost whispering goth child, Lydia.

2. MERMAIDS The inner monologue of Jewish Christian-wannabe Charlotte Flax offered reams of gold: “Oh god. I think I might be pregnant with the next Jewish Italian Messiah.”

3. REALITY BITES Lelaina: valedictorian chain-smoker who first made vintage cool in the infamous ‘doily’ frock who was foiled by “irony”.

4. HEATHERS Veronica: The Cool Group’s worst nightmare.

5. GIRL, INTERRUPTED Yes, Angelina Jolie chews sublimely through every scene but Winona was smarmy spoilt asshole personified as Susanna Kaysen.

Via Entertainment Weekly