Amy Poehler’s Netflix Comedy ‘Wine Country’ Looks Like Such A Good Time

Wine Country

Netflix has unleashed the trailer for Amy Poehler‘s comedy Wine Country and it looks like the ultimate cheese and wine movie with the gals.

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In Wine Country, a group of longtime friends go on a getaway in honour of Rebecca‘s (Rachel Dratch) 50th birthday. Abby (Poehler) plans the scenic trip to Napa and invites workaholic Catherine (Ana Gasteyer), post-op Val (Paula Pell), homebody Jenny (Emily Spivey), and weary mum Naomi (Maya Rudolph). But as the friends get just a tad tipsy, troubles from the real world begin to intrude on the birthday celebrations and the women start to question their friendships and futures.

Jason Schwartzman, Cherry Jones, and Tina Fey also star in the comedy.

Wine Country hits Netflix May 10, 2019. 

Poehler will also direct and produce Netflix’s coming-of-age feminist film Moxie, based on the novel of the same name by Jennifer Mathieu. 

Moxie introduces us to 16-year-old Vivian Carte who is fed up with her high school’s shitty attitudes. She’s annoyed that the football team can get away with just about anything and she’s absolutely pissed off by the school’s sexist dress code, the hallway harassment, and all the gross comments from guys during class.

Inspired by her mum, who was a punk rock Riot Grrrl in the ’90s (the underground feminist punk movement), Viv decides to create a feminist zine that she anonymously passes around to her classmates. Before long, girls start to respond to the project and just like that, Viv finds herself in the middle of a feminist revolution at her high school.

In short, Moxie sounds badass as hell.