Win A Trip To Japan For You And A Friend!

We’ve had this one under wraps for awhile, but it’s time to quit this facade and let it be known: the winner of Pedestrian.TV Readers’ Choice Bachelorette of the Year 2013, brought to you by the really, ridiculously good looking MINI Ray will win return flights for she and a lucky friend to JAPAN!

We (as in you and us) share a mutual fascination for the infinitely kawaii land of Nippon, so with this rad incentive we invite you to nominate either a) your legendary eligible self or b) your legendary eligible female bros for the Reader’s Choice Bachelorette 2013.

To generate additional excitement around this announcement we give you this video of a Japanese game show in which contestants get slammed in the privates by heavy-looking levers. Woo hoo!

Title image by AFP via Getty
Everybody wants to go to Japan.