WIN: A Double Pass To Savour The Cooked Chaos That Is ‘Sausage Party’

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Sony Pictures to give y’all the chance to win tix to the undeniably cooked, but undeniably genius, Sausage Party. In cinemas August 11 (this Thursday if you don’t have your calendar handy), the flick’s set to achieve cult status faster than you can say, “juiced up douche.” We’ve got 10 x double passes to the film to giveaway – keep reading to find out how you can score yo’self a set.

History has been marked by humanity’s great feats of creativity. Think: the invention of the lightbulb, adding bacon to mac ‘n cheese, Cubism, the conception of Meryl Streep, Nicki Minaj‘s ass, etc.
In our not so humble opinion, there’ll soon be another addition to that long list of greatness. 
Sausage Party (in cinemas August 11), on paper, reads like the musings of a horny 15-year-old at 4:20PM. The movie sees a sausage named Frank (Seth Rogen) lead a group of supermarket products on a journey to figure out what happens to food when it’s “chosen” to leave the store. Hint: nothing good. 
Weird shit, right? Well, you’d expect nothing less from the folks who brought us Superbad, Pineapple Express and This Is The End
In this animated world, Kristen Wiig is Brenda, a hot dog bun / Frank’s love interest; Michael Cera is Barry, a small sausage who lacks length but makes it up in girth; Edward Norton is Sammy Bagel Jr, a bagel who sounds strikingly similar to ol’ mate Woody Allen; Nick Kroll is a douche (in all senses of the word); and Salma Hayek is, y’know, a sexy taco. 
We admit we’re probably not doing an ace job of describing Sausage Party’s plot, so we’ll defer to the trailer so as to not confuse y’all. Check out the below: 
Reckon it looks decent? NO FUCKING SHIT IT DOES. 
If you’re keen to have your stomach fall out of your ass from laughing so fucking hard, then we’ve got just the thing for ya. Our mates at Sony Pictures have given us 10 x double passes to see the movie at any participating cinema. For your chance to win a set, just enter the comp below:
Best of luck, fam <3. 
Photo: Sausage Party / Sony Pictures.