Will Smith Celebrates 50th By Bungee Jumping Out Of A Fucking Helicopter

Will Smith has literally jumped into his 50th. Backwards. Outside of a helicopter. Into the Grand Canyon.

And, boy, was it a production.

The OG man was challenged by Yes Theory, a group of YouTubers, to complete the jump into the Canyon and, as always, Will is never one to back down.

Equipped with his own stunt and camera crew, he began to ascend above the Canyon. Cut to Willow Smith, Jaden Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith looking on from a crowd packed with family and friends.

The YouTube video posted on Will’s channel, which has amassed over 3 million subscribers, shows Hitch being asked if he, hovering over a fucking canyon, is having fun yet. “Ah, not yet,” he laughs, rather sheepishly. “Not yet.”

After what feels like a literal eternity, he takes the plunge. You truly don’t realise the enormity of the situation until he disappears beneath a cliff before being rapidly sling-shotted back up above ground.

Unsurprisingly, Will’s latest stunt has inspired an entire online generation.




I can’t believe Will Smith single-handedly invented inspiration in 2018.

Check out the masterpiece below, and prepare to feel empowered. If Will can jump out of a helicopter, backwards, for his 50th birthday, I should be able to force myself out of bed for my 23rd next month.

Image: YouTube / Will Smith