Will Ferrell Says There’s Chatter About A ‘Step Brothers 2’ & Oh God Yes Plz

Will Ferrell is currently doing the promo rounds for his new Amy Poehler co-starring comedy flick ‘The House’, and an interview with E!’s Andy Cohen which dropped over the weekend contains some juicy goss regarding an ill-fated Mariah Carey cameo as well as discussion of which Ferrell-fronted comedies of yore could get the sequel treatment and hot damn, ‘Step Brothers‘ might?

Appearing on ‘Watch What Happens Live‘, Will was taking calls from fans when one in particular queried him on whether there’d ever be any sequels to Ferrell’s movies ‘Elf‘ or ‘Night at the Roxbury‘. 
Whilst he quickly shot down the prospects of returning to those two, Ferrell revealed that conversations HAVE taken place surrounding a follow-up to 2008 grown-men-acting-like-toddlers comedy ‘Step Brothers’, a sequel fans have been desperately asking about for years.

Whilst Ferrell infers he’s open to re-pairing with John C. Reilly for more activities, he also adds the disclaimer he likes to “create new things”, but this is from the man about to star in ‘Daddy’s Home 2‘ with Mel fucking Gibson, which I’m pretty sure nobody asked for, so it’s safe to say he’ll go wherever the money does.

If you’re still here for the Mariah Carey goss (hello fellow gays), elsewhere in the segment Cohen brought up the rumour floating around about some classic Carey diva-ing on the set of ‘The House‘, with Ferrell confirming that the pop-star was supposed to film a cameo for the flick, but after rocking up to the set she demanded changes to the pre-approved script and wanted to perform an entirely different song (again where only one had been cleared) to the point where it all just went to shit:

Also, turns out Mariah’s trailer request included multiple stuffed lamb toys for her “Lambily” aka fans, which makes about as much sense as anything else she’s ever done.

Whilst it looks like Ferrell still has some half-baked Mark Wahlberg movies to get through, the second there’s any further news about a ‘Step Brothers 2‘, we’ll bring it to ya.

Picture: Step Brothers.