Attention yeehaw-ers of the world: a mini Wild West-themed town in New Zealand can be yours for the small, humble price of $11 million. A bargain, really!

Mellonsfolly Ranch’s Old West Town, situated in the North Island’s Central Plateau, boasts 10 buildings resembling an 1860’s Wyoming frontier town. The Wild West strip features a courtroom (cinema), saloon (licensed bar), sheriff’s office and billiard room.

The ranch’s 13 guest rooms, which can accommodate 22 people, are currently operating as a hotel.

Sotheby’s International Realty

“I’m certainly sad to be selling it,” current owner Rob Bartley told Bloomberg. “My family doesn’t really want to sell it, but we’ve got so many other business interests. I’ve got to make some decisions.”

Sotheby’s International Realty

Aside from Old West Town, the 900-acre property also includes a private residence, staff housing and a “thriving” manuka honey business.

It’s currently on offer for a casual USD $7.5 million (roughly AUD $10.8 million), and has reportedly received some interest from buyers over in the States and Hong Kong. But. if we collate all our couch and car seat coins, and hold off on buying McFlurrys for a couple weeks, I reckon this Western dream could surely be ours.

Check out the glorious piece o’ land below via Sotheby’s International Realty. For more info, in case you happen to have 11 million pennies to throw at an 1860s-themed town in New Zealand, head on over to the official listing here.

Image: Sotheby’s International Realty