Wil Anderson’s Reps Say “Misunderstanding” On Plane Led To Arrest

Representatives for Wil Anderson have released a statement on his arrest after a Qantas flight to Wagga Wagga yesterday afternoon, saying that it was the result of a “misunderstanding” on the plane.
Anderson, who was released by police after questioning, gave his version of events to the audience at his show last night, saying that he has a “bad back” and that a disagreement arose over his being seated in an emergency row. 
The official statement from his reps confirms that version of events, with his publicist saying in an email to PEDESTRIAN.TV
“Wil Anderson took a Qantas flight to Wagga Wagga this afternoon to perform his stand up show Critically Wil. Wil has osteoarthritis and an exit row seat was booked to ensure comfort ahead of this evening’s gig. A flight attendant questioned If he should be sitting near an emergency door and moved him from that seat, which he objected to. A misunderstanding took place and on arrival in Wagga Wagga he cooperated with the local police who took him to the station. After 10 minutes of enquiries he was released without charge and performed his show as scheduled.”
Anderson sent an angry tweet to the airline after landing yesterday, but subsequently deleted it. The Tweet read: “A big fuck you to the crew at Qantas for their no help today. Sorry Wagga if I can’t walk when I get off the plane today.”
We hope he has a more comfy trip home. 
Photo: Caroline McCredie / Getty.