Why You’re Gonna Wanna Hit Up Burleigh Heads For Your Next Holiday

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Burleigh Heads is THE place to visit at the mo’. It’s probably the coolest/chillest/bestest place in Australia and one destination yet to be decimated by commerciality. 
~Burleigh,~ as it’s referred to by its locals, is roughly a one hour drive south from Brisbane. Much the same as other towns nestled around the Gold Coast, Burleigh experiences nek level amazing weather almost year round and the surf is consistently banging. 
We reached out to local legend Aaron, a Burleigh Heads resident of 29 years, for the inside scoop. Aaron, as well as mates JD and Nathan, are the brilliant minds responsible for the most aptly named burger bar in the history of all burger bars, Ze Pickle.
Via Ze Pickle.
So what’s Burleigh all about, we hear you cry. “It’s one of the last village-feel towns on the Gold Coast,” says Aaron. “On the weekend it just comes alive.” 
If y’all are looking for a place jam-packed with quaint cafes, boutique bars, avant-garde eateries and on-point retailers, then look no further. Some are proclaiming it to be the new zen/health capital of the land that’s girt by sea – with an abundance of health-food stores, juice stations and spiritual experiences. 
Unlike other forward-thinking locations (we’ll let you fill in the blank), Burleigh is yet to become progressively pretentious. Its population isn’t trying to look good by being healthy, they’re just trying to feel fantastic. Everyone’s welcoming and friendly. The town stands with arms wide open yelling ‘come ‘ere, let’s hug.’ The crew that congregate at Ze Pickle, for instance, are a testament to this. “We don’t just cater to one crowd or stereotype – at 5 o’clock we might have a family come in, then at 8:30 there might be an 80 year old couple sitting in the corner bopping away to the music.”  
If Burleigh’s sounding right up your alley then keep on reading. We’ve pulled together some of the best places in town that are sure to tickle ya fancy. 
The Coin LaundryFashurn
Shop 2/25 James St, Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220.
Via Facebook.
Heralded as the ultimate stop for fresh-threads in Burleigh, The Coin Laundry will hook you urrrrrrrrrp. If one goes on holiday and doesn’t shop, did they really even go on holiday? This charming store carries labels you’d find in any big city and, as we’ve been told, a decent range of vintage stock. Besides, with the amount of scenic Insta’ posts you’ll be pumping out you’ll need to be looking phresh as a fckn daisy. 
Justin LanePizza + Dranks
1708-1710 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220.
Justin Lane’s pizzas are made on a traditional sourdough base with toppings beyond your level of comprehension. For a chilled Friyay night, this is the perfect place to start. “On the weekend we’ll head to Justin’s lane, then maybe Cavalier for a couple of drinks after. We usually just keep it in the area,” says Aaron. 
Cavalier Bar & ItalianFood + Dranks 
1/1710 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220.
Asking how long Cavalier’s drink list is is like asking how long’s a piece of string. The thing is HUGE. Wine? Beyond sorted. Rum? Gallons. Tequila (probably not a good idea but yolo)? They’ve got you covered. If you did, say, get a touch too tipsy, you can always sober up with an amazing risotto or any one of the YEAH OH SHIT menu items they offer.  
Burleigh MarketsFresh Produce Etc
Lower Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads Qld 4220.
From 7AM ’til noon every Saturday, the Burleigh Markets provide high quality local produce to those wise enough to check it out. All stock is sourced from local farmers – retailers aren’t welcome. They’ve even dedicated a huge section to organic fruit + veg, plants and coffee. Grab a picnic basket, load up with cheeses, freshly baked bread, nibbles and a couple of bottles of vino for one killer arvo of feasting. Jizz. 
Canteen CoffeeCawfee + Yummies
23 Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220.
Recognised as one of Australia’s premier espresso bars, Canteen Coffee (located in the laneway) means serious business when it comes to your morning pick-me up. Accompany your caffeine fix with in-house baked goods to have either on the go, or in their GAWJUS courtyard garden. They also serve Middle-Eastern inspired food through Canteen Kitchen (located within the building) from 7AM to 3PM.   
Burleigh PointSurf
For surfing, “you can’t beat Burleigh Point,” says Aaron. “They’ve recently just re-opened the walking track all around the headlands – in the morning we’ll have a nice walk there and see everyone’s out surfing. It’s a classic spot.” Burleigh Point has hosted the Quicksilver Pro several times so it’s a no-brainer that you’d head there to catch a wave. Having such deep roots with surfing, be sure to ask locals for suggestions. They’re friendly AF and will point you in the right direction. 
Burleigh Heads HotelMore Dranks
4 The Esplanade, Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220.
The Burleigh’s known for Saturday and Sunday’s where a lot of people just go and drink during the day,” says Aaron (sounds like a plan to us). “The pubs always busy, so is anywhere that’s relaxed with attire and plays cool music – Burleigh’s such an outdoors area, no one wants to be tucked up inside.” What’s better than day drankin’ in summer? Diddly-fucking-squat.  
Ze PickleBurgers & Chill
Connor St, Burleigh Heads, Qld 4220.
Via Ze Pickle.
“We sort of specialise in burgers and don’t follow any style,” says Aaron about his brain-child that’s expanding to Fortitude Valley ASAP, and Sydney next Feb. “For drinks we’ve got 12 taps, all craft beer, both local and international” as well as a “full range of cocktails and a killer wine list.” Ze Pickle looks phenomenal. We’d bet it’d be going worth going to Burleigh just to get your hands on one of those nek-level burgers.  
If you’re interested in exploring areas around Burleigh Heads then it’s probably best to hire a car. Regulars know how easy it is to base yourself in Burleigh then work your way along the coast. Alternatively, there’s heaps of regular public transport on offer to get you to and from the town. 
As for accommodation – most hotels and motels are within walking distance of the heart of Burleigh. There’s also brilliant campsites just out of town, often mere metres from the waterfront, that you can get around to realign your chakra ‘n crap. 
International holidays are always fab but they come with a price tag. We’re all about showcasing our own domestic treasures like Burleigh Heads because let’s face it; you’ll save $$$ left, right and centre, and it’s far less of a headache. 
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