Now that MAFS is over, I’m going to have to perform an exorcism on myself to get all of that toxicity out of my mind and body. I could just read a book, but who in god’s name wants to do that? I still need my reality TV fix. But I’m done with watching reality TV shows that only exist to create chaos or thrust some girl who dropped out nursing into the public sphere. I just want to see normal people be wholesome.

Luckily for you, I’ve put together a list of all the wholesome reality TV shows that help restore my serotonin when awful people suck the life out of me.

Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds

If you’re in the mood to cry happy tears then Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds should be up your alley. It’s a wholesome experiment that brings ten elderly people into a kindergarten to see if it can improve the lives of the participants. It’s particularly important for the older folk, as many of them are widowed and spend their days alone in a retirement home.

It brings so much joy to my face to see old and young people find joy in each other’s company. Oh god! I think I’m going to start crying. No Saskia! Not on the keyboard, please.

Watch season one and two on ABC iview here.

Love on the Spectrum

Ahhh I have so much time and love for Love on the Spectrum. Unlike practically every other dating show, this one isn’t just a cesspool of Millenials looking to become influencers. This wholesome series followed a number of neurodiverse Australian singles as they set out on a quest to fall in love.

It’s funny, sad, heart-warming and incredibly entertaining. It also birthed superstar Michael, who is equal parts hilarious and adorable. Season one aired on the ABC in in 2019, before getting picked up by Netflix.

Watch season one here and keep an eye out for season two (which is coming very, very soon).

Stutter School

Again, here’s another show that makes me want to ball my eyes out (but in a good way). Stutter School:Untold Australia is a one-hour SBS special that follows four Australian stutterers on a journey to help them find their voice. It’s super heart-warming and it it makes me love people again, because dumb Bryce from MAFS made me hate the world for too long.

Watch Stutter School here.

What the Love!

As much as I love wholesome Aussie content, there is some great reality TV overseas. What the Love! Is an Indian dating show that takes six singles with personal struggles and helps them gain back their confidence. It’s also LGBTIQ+ friendly and really makes you wonder how overseas shows can get it right, but not any shows down under?

Watch What The Love! with Karan Johar here.

Blown Away

If the thought of watching feel-good shows that make you wanna cry sounds nauseating to you, then you should honestly give Blown Away a crack (or blow). It’s a Canadian glassblowing competition show and it’s incredibly satisfying to watch.

You can watch season one and two on Netflix here.

Lego Masters

If you froth a bit of Lego…and Hamish Blake then you need to get around Lego Masters immediately. The Channel Nine show sees eight teams compete against each other to make the best Lego creations and some of them are WILD. I used to think putting a Bionicle together was complicated, but this shit is on a whole other level.

Lego Masters season three is airing right now, watch it on 9Now here.


MasterChef Australia has finally returned for 2021 and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s the one show where you can always guarantee they’ll be a bunch of diversity and people who look like me for a change. My favourite part of the show is how the contestants support each other throughout, no one is obnoxious and rude when they don’t win. MAFS and Bachelor take notes.

Masterchef Australia is currently airing on Channel 10, you can catch up on all the eps here.