Not satisfied with slaying the podcast charts with The Teacher’s Pet, The Australian has just released a new series called Who The Hell Is Hamish? and after just two episodes it’s hit the coveted #1 spot on the Australian iTunes chart.

I’m not jealous or anything, even though I do co-host a mystery-themed podcast right here at PEDESTRIAN.TV that so far has only managed to hit #23. Maybe you could go listen and help me achieve my dreams of The Australian-like success? Up to you. I won’t mention it again.

Anyway, begrudgingly I’ll admit that Who The Hell Is Hamish? is really very good. Hosted and investigated by The Australian journo Greg Bearup, the series explores the nefarious life and crimes of Hamish, a bloke born on Sydney’s Northern Beaches who soon becomes a serial conman, in the vein of the other extremely successful podcast/TV show that I’m not at all jealous of, Dirty John.

Hamish’s cons spanned many years and even several countries, as he took on various different identities and managed to swindle unsuspecting folk out of over $7 million. SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS. His victims include Aussie fashion icon Lisa Ho.

He’d change his name and profession, pretending to be anything from a September 11 survivor to an investment banker to a Harvard law graduate (like a really awful version of Mike from Suits.)

The third episode of Who The Hell Is Hamish? drops today and there’s a new one every Friday, with the series set to run for 8 episodes. So if you haven’t listened, catch up now before next week.

And while you’re at it, why not check out P.TV’s All Aussie Mystery Hour? Sure, I said I wouldn’t mention it again, but I bloody well lied didn’t I. Just call me Hamish.

You can subscribe on iTunes HERE, Spotify HERE, or just fang it a listen below. You never know, it might hit #22.