Who Should Play Shane Warne In The ‘Howzat!’ Spin-Off?

Looking to capitalise on the success of Howzat!, the overwhelmingly popular mini-series about media mogul Kerry Packer and the creation of World Series Cricket, Channel Nine confirmed earlier this week that they’re looking to further bowl over audiences with a Shane Warne spin-off (can and will make cricket puns).

News.com.au are reporting that Howzat! producer John Edwards has been in talks with both Nine and Warne about the possibility of a TV series that thankfully wouldn’t involve Warne actually being on-screen and interviewing people, but would instead seek to further dramatise the made-for-television events of Warne’s highly bleached personal and professional life, whatever that entails these days (Usain Bolt, apparently).

Having already been immortalised on stage in Eddie Perfect’s aptly-named stage musical Shane Warne: The Musical, Warne’s character is ripe for the picking and would no doubt do wonders both for the network’s ratings and his own waning public image. In keeping with our favourite pastime as amateur casting agents (see Carrie Bradshaw, Julian Assange, Fifty Shades of Grey) here are our Top Picks For Actors Who Aren’t Eddie Perfect But Would Be Nonetheless Perfectly Suited To Don The Frosted Tips, Zinc and Vacant Expression of The King of Spin (unofficial working title – you can have that one, Edwards).

Ryan Kwanten would be my first pick for his ability to play over-sexed idiots with a penchant for hair gel.

Photo by Angela Weiss

David Wenham is a fantastic Australian actor – Diver Dan, amirite?! – and could bring the right about of sleaze required of the role. Plus, how fecking hideous is this grey paisley/tartan fedora number!? Wardrobe could have a field day with Wenham.

Photo by Gaye Gerard

Firass Dirani would doubtlessly be up for the challenge. Plus, he looks great in white.

Photo by Ryan Pierse

Richard Roxburgh’s widow’s peak, fondness for goatees, thespian skills and ability to play debauched on Rake put him in good stead for Warnie: The Later Years.

Photo by Scott Gries

Wil Anderson – don’t look so shocked. Wil has perfected Warne’s day-t0-day look of bemusement (see below) and I’d love to see him stretch his wings a little, while bringing the role its much-needed sense of humour.

Photo by Scott Barbour

Curtis Stone isn’t an actor – I know – but this list isn’t real, so pipe down. I think he’s quite a good likeness for Warne, has good colouring and international appeal. Oprah would approve.

Photo by Frazer Harrison

The Hemsworth-Cyrus Family would make a perfect Shane and Liz Hurley couple. They’d never be able to get Liam Hemsworth for the role because he’s big money these days, but I think Miley would relish the chance to put her RP British accent and genius method acting ability to use, y’all!

Photo by Jason Meritt

Daniel McPherson what do you even do these days? As you can see, he’s got that smarmy Warne expression down and can appeal with the best of them. That’s a cricket thing, yes?

Photo by Lucas Dawson

Ellen DeGeneres blonde spikes: tick. Sporting prowess: double tick.

Photo by Mike Stobe

Shane Warne and only Shane Warne could do this role the justice it so badly deserves. Ratings and Logies gold await…

All photos via Getty Images. How great is this last one circa ’94!?