Julia Fox Is 2022’s It Girl, Whether You Like It Or Not

julia fox

We need to talk about Julia Fox. Not as a meme or a person-who-talks-funny-haha, but as a cultural icon. An it-girl. Somehow who just gets it, while others sorely long to. The peak of media obsession, the pinnacle of understanding the watchful eye of the internet. She is the moment, and in my opinion, she’s the defining celebrity of early 2022.

Last week I tweeted out to my five followers about how much I simply adore Julia Fox and what she stands for. A seemingly out-of-nowhere celebrity who gained immense amounts of clout after dating Kanye West for a month.

She was well known in the New York scene for quite a while, but now she has a global platform thanks to her hard work and hustle-ready attention. I’m obsessed. She wants to reach the top of the celebrity food chain and has no shame owning it. Honestly a rarity these days.

I believe it’s the fact that Julia is so “unashamedly lustful of the spotlight” that makes her so intriguing to everyone.

We all want to talk online about her: “who the fuck is she? where did she come from? why does she talk like that?” She’s in our minds. In the same way that Kanye West remains a constant topic of conversation, so does his one-month muse, Julia Fox. Magnetic draws magnetic, and clearly, he saw in her what we all do.

Most of your knowledge about the blossoming celebrity may come from the short 5-second clip of her saying the words Uncut Gems in — what the internet deemsan unusual way. The snippet comes from an interview with the podcast Call Her Daddy.

It’s funny, it’s different, and we can’t get it out of our heads. And yet, it’s literally one woman saying the title of a 2019 dark comedy starring Adam Sandler. Let that sink in.

Now, I’m gonna show you three memes that gained popularity after the Julia Fox clip went viral. Notice one thing about all of them: they’ll fkn annoy the hell out of you. Oh, and they also try so hard to imitate what Julia Fox did naturally on a day about business.

Hate it.


I had to lol #juliafox

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Cannot stand it.


julia fox is my muse

♬ Unka Jahms on Spotify x Call Her Daddy podcast – Spotify

Yikes. Ouch. Stop.

On top of all of these TikTokers wanting to imitate Julia Fox for their own internet clout, they also use a filter quite literally called the “Julia Fox makeup”. You know, the same one that people were making fun of for a few weeks?


Notice a trend here? We love to point and laugh at Julia Fox being a unique oddball but deep down we all love it. She’s being herself, being confident and saying what she wants and we’re just not used to seeing these things in the celebrity realm.

We’re used to poised, calm, clear and concise. Rich pretending they’re not rich. Skinny celebs profiting off weight-loss products. Juxtapositions. Contrasts. Contradictions. Julia’s just fkn real.

And the best part is, she’s been this way for a while. We all find it funny that she’d say she was Josh Safdie‘s muse for Uncut Gems but, she actually was. That’s just a fact. And she acted the hell out of that role I must say.


One of the best parts about Julia’s rise to fame has also been the way she’s handled her relationship with Kanye West.

She’s always called it as it is, has never made a big deal about it and will answer pretty much any question thrown her way. She understood it was a short fling, and that the internet wanted to know everything about her because of who she was dating. And thus, she gave us everything we wanted with a smile.

You can’t tell me you weren’t fascinated by the “new girl in town” who played the role of counterpart to Pete Davidson in our Kim v Kanye fascinations. And yet, Julia was never messy about being the girl after Kim Kardashian. She was respectful.

After all, is Kim K not the blueprint for rising up the celebrity ranks by riding the wave of media obsession?


Julia Fox embodies the 2022 ideology of living your best life. Doing things because you want to. Aiming for fame with no shame bogging you down. She’s living it up.

And her origins have been explored in multiple profiles across the internet, in which Julia openly talks about how she became a single mother and her past life as a dominatrix. The woman is entirely fascinating, and her takes on fame and being a celebrity are so, so refreshing.

“Give people something to talk about. Do your fucking service, do your job,” as a callout to celebrities who remain hush-hush about their lives is an iconic take. Also probably the best take a celeb can have.

To finish off this yarn — in which I have fully obsessed over Julia Fox without shame — let us all enjoy a lovely clip of her serving down the runway moments after it was made public that she and Kanye were no longer.

All of these memes and celebrity relationships that she’s experiencing are merely going to catapult her into even more fame and recognition. We can no longer say “who the fuck is Julia Fox” because we know. Even if we don’t know her full story, we definitely know her name, and that’s all that matters.


@Julia fox makes her Runway Debut in the ultimate #revengedress at newyorkfashionweek. #voguegermany #kanyewest #breakup #juliafoxandkanye #juliafox

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The girls who get it, get it. The girls who don’t, want to be Julia Fox.