Where The Skinny Wild Things Are

Everyone knows you can’t be elected king of the wild things if you’re a fatty, perhaps that’s the only reason Max was elected king – he didn’t have enough meat on him to make a tasty dinner for the wild things?

Where The Wild Things Are is already cementing itself as a juggernaut of cross promotion – Karen O and a bevy of other stars are providing the soundtrack, a fashion collaboration with Opening Ceremony and jewellery by Pamela Love – and you can now add to that list promoting healthy eating habits and exercise for children.

The US Department of Health and Services has just released a pro-exercise campaign encouraging children to play, explore, discover and run more, using footage from WTWTA and Karen O and the Kids’ track ‘All Is Love’.

The campaign comes with its own very special feast for wild things (chicken broccoli stir fry… yum?) and activities featuring obstacle courses, as well as running, jumping and howling.

You could always just tell kids that the wild things are going to eat them if they don’t play heaps and stay healthy, but I guess this campaign is the more responsible way to go.