Where In The World Is Paris Hilton?

Much like Carmen San Diego people paparazzi are constantly on the search for Paris Hilton’s whereabouts. Last Saturday it was the Summerfieldayze Festival in the Gold Coast.

From Gossip Girls:

With all three girls wearing matching pink boots, the trio (along with Nicky’s beau David Katzenberg) made their way to the VIP area a little after 6PM, as Paris proclaimed, ‘I can’t wait to see Steve (Aoki) and I’m just here to have fun.’

And though she happened to be four hours late for Aoki’s set, an enthused Paris continued, ‘I’ve had such a good time here, I went to the children’s hospital yesterday and today I went to the zoo (Currumbin Sanctuary) and played with the koalas. They were so cute and really sweet. I wish I could stay longer but I have to go back to LA for work.”

Saying that she had to fly out in a couple of days, Miss Hilton further noted that she didn’t have any set plans for the remainder of her stay – although she wouldn’t mind learning how to surf.

‘I’d love to learn to surf, but only if I find a beach with no paparazzi,” she tells.