What You Need To Know About S1 Of Spy Thriller Condor Before Season 2 Drops On Stan
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Alright gather ’round, I’m about to give you a lightning-fast education on Condor like that teacher who sits backwards on a chair and tries to relate to people half his age.

You may have seen a poster-or-two around your city but if you haven’t had a chance to get out of the house, I’m letting you know right now that the CIA thriller is back for season two, babay.

So, if you haven’t watched Season 1 yet, I strongly suggest you do so now, or if you’re not fussed by spoilers, simply read this succinct little recap and you’ll be prepped and ready to go for S2 when it drops October 31st on Stan.

Episode 1 & 2

In the pilot episode, we’re introduced to Joe Turner (played by Max Irons) who’s got a big boy job as an analyst for a branch of the CIA. He’s crafted an algorithm that the CIA have used – against his wishes – to identify a man as being a potential terrorist (a 12% likelihood, to be exact).

Joe’s all like, ‘Nah guys, this wasn’t what my algorithm was meant to be used for’ and contemplates resigning, but then it turns out the algorithm was correct when the maybe-terrorist is found to have the ingredients to release a literal plague on Washington D.C. So then he’s like, ‘Hm okay, maybe I’ll stay and see how this pans out.’

Unbeknownst to Joe and his crew, a U.S. diplomat is smuggling the exact same plague recipe to Saudi Arabia, while series Bad Guy™ and covert operative Nathan Fowler (ol’ mate Brendan Fraser) sends a crew of assassins to off Joe and his pals but Joe books it on a train outta there.

Cut to Joe calling his uncle Bob, who happens to be the head of the Joint Terrorist Task Force unit (nepotism much?) to ask him what the hell is going on, and Bob’s all like, ‘Fine, I’ll meet you in the park to explain,’ which, from experience, is the worst place to meet someone to talk about private matters.

Lo and behold, the two assassins sent to kill Joe end up ambushing him in the park (as I said, avoid parks you guys), but just before they kill him, Joe’s best bud Sam Barber rocks up to save the day – except, he doesn’t, because shortly after he rocks up the assassins shoot him and Joe.

Sam ends up dying but Joe’s all hooked up with a bulletproof vest because as if you wouldn’t wear one. Even though Joe didn’t die, he did get framed for the death of Sam, so that’s less than ideal.

Episode 3 & 4

As everyone in the country thinks Joe’s a full-blown Judas, he goes and hides out at his new flame’s house because nothing screams ‘marriage material’ more than a dude who has to hide at your place to avoid being arrested for murder.

Both the FBI and the assassins find out where Joe’s hiding – great job covering your tracks dude – but Bob tips him off before either party get there, so he knocks Ms Lover unconscious (in all fairness she tries to pepper spray him), picks her up and skedaddles before they arrive.

After a bit of back and forth, Joe and Ms Lover eventually go back home, only to be arrested because you should never return to the scene of a crime. God. But, Uncle Bob arranges for Joe’s release and pulls some strings to get him back onto the payroll at the CIA, which is dandy for the bank account.

What You Need To Know About S1 Of Spy Thriller Condor Before Season 2 Drops On Stan

Episodes 5 & 6

Joe hits up his ex-girlfriend and is all, ‘Hey baby miss you but shut up for a second, can you arrange a meeting with my hacker friend, I need answers,’ and his ex reluctantly agrees to give him a secret address, probably just to get him to shut up.

Joe arrives at the address and this dude’s all, ‘Take this pill and I’ll take you to your hacker mate,’ and Joe’s suss but takes it anyway because free pills, I imagine.

Joe ends up meeting his hacker mate and they exchange hot details about the whole ordeal. Elsewhere, Ms Lover gets killed so you can just go ahead and cancel those wedding invites.

Episodes 7 & 8

Okay, so even though Joe’s secretly working for the CIA again, the po-po are still after him as well as the assassins, so he’s just chilling in this treehouse, waiting for it all to blow over.

It doesn’t, obviously, and the po-po agent finds him just before the assassin, but Joe pulls a little charming swifty and manages to get the agent to agree to hide him from the assassin who’s just rocked up.

After narrowly avoiding another assassin-induced death, the po-po agent handcuffs Joe to a heater so she can go after the assassin herself, so now he’s just, attached to a heater, chilling again.

Episodes 9 & 10

Season 1 ends in all of the plots, blackmailing, and killings coming out in the wash and admitted to by [REDACTED], so Joe feels the need to kill [REDACTED], which, in turn, sparks a press release being leaked to the media that alerts everyone of how much danger they were bloody in.

Obviously, no one’s looking good after this situation and Joe, in true Joe form, flits over to Florence and waits for it to all blow over.

So, with that in mind, tune in to Season 2 when it drops on October 31st, or catch up on Season 1 now.

Image: Condor