The internet has been going wild over new pics of Zac Efron, in which he looks completely different to how he usually does. Plastic injections? A botched case of lip filler? Necessary surgery to remedy a broken jaw? We look at all of the strange theories that are being cooked up on the internet.

Firstly I’d just like to make it clear that whether or not Zac Efron has had plastic surgery is really of no concern to you or me. His body, his choice, and whether you agree with it or not is something else entirely.

Jameela Jamil said it best, let’s not pile on someone because their appearance has changed.

The real reason we are gathered here today is to discuss the many rumours circulating Zac’s altered appearance. Not everyone is convinced that this is just another example of your everyday case of American celebrities filling their face as they get older, you see.

Before we do discuss though, let’s also remember that Zac hasn’t said anything about why his appearance has drastically changed. In fact, people only really noticed when he appeared in Bill Nye’s Earth Day Facebook video.

Here’s Zac’s super brief appearance, featuring a very different face to the one we’ve been seeing on his Insta lately.

And here is a still from the video, if you’re not convinced that he looks any different. Yeah, that’s not the same face as the one from Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

zac efron new face

First, let’s take it to TikTok, where drama channels are sharing their thoughts about Zac Efron’s new look.

It’s not very fair, but they do make some interesting assumptions as to why he looks the way he does. User @pattypopculture (Patty) says that Zac’s new face is a post-breakup feature, and has nothing to do with weight gain or ageing.

Patty quotes an unnamed plastic surgeon who says that “it’s possible he had injections of filler to reshape his jaw,” and another named Dr Chris Funderburk who reckons that it’s clearly a case of way too much filler and an unnatural result.”


Zac Efron is being dragged online right now. Here’s what we know about his face.

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Twitter users however are not convinced, and believe that the altered appearance is a result of an ongoing surgery that Zac has been receiving since 2013, in which his mouth was wired shut after he broke his jaw.

I mean, it kinda checks out, because the main part of Zac’s face that has changed is most definitely his jaw-shape.

So what has caused Zac Efron to alter his appearance? Well, for now, nobody knows. It could either be a medical surgery or a filler surgery made by choice.

What we’re not going to do, however, is make fun of him for altering his appearance. No ma’am.

We’ll update this yarn if anything new comes out about Zac’s new look.

Image: Getty Images / Pacific Press