Ya know how people always make a wish when the clock strikes 11:11? Ever wondered what the heck this means? Well, 11:11 is just one of many angel numbers, and spying them is a divine message from above.

Still got no idea what I’m on about? Here, I’ll answer every question you could possibly have about angel numbers, including what it means when you spot them and how to harness them to attract positive energy.

What are angel numbers?


Angel numbers are believed to be a combination of numbers that appear when your guardians are trying to communicate a message to you.

Also referred to as angel warning numbers, these digits let you know that you’re either on the right path or that there is something you need to avoid or change.

If there is an angelic communication that you need to receive, you will likely see the same angel number sequence in a few different places unexpectedly.

For example, you may spot the same number on the door of a place you need to go, on a license plate, or on your phone.

What are they trying to tell me?

If you pay attention to these repeating angelic numbers and treat them as a message, rather than a coincidence, you stand to benefit a great deal.

What the message is that your guardian’s trying to communicate to you depends on which numbers you’ve been spotting as each combination reflects a different message.

So which numbers are angel numbers?


1, 11, 111: Your intentions and manifestations have been heard! Keep working towards your goals and they will come to fruition.

2, 22, 222: Stop freaking out, bb. Trust that you are on the right path and everything happens for a reason,

3, 33, 333: The elder angels are by your side, assisting you with accomplishing your goal.

4, 44, 444: You are surrounded by a circle of angels who are leading you right where you need to go.

5, 55, 555: HUGE changes are coming, whether it be financial abundance, an upturn in your love life, or anything major you’ve been praying for. Prepare your mind, body and soul for an exciting change.

6, 66, 666: Your thoughts and intentions need some refocusing. (Yep, this number is believed to represent both good and evil. Fun fact: Did you know demons are fallen angels?).

7, 77, 777: Luck is on your side.

8, 88, 888: A huge financial upturn is coming, babeyyy.

9, 99, 999: You are being nudged to finish something. Don’t give up, you’re almost there!

1111: Ah, good ol’ 11:11. Always make a wish when you see this number, it is, perhaps, the greatest message from above.

0, 00, 000: Yes, it’s the emergency number, but it’s also a sign of new beginnings, a fresh start, and a reminder that you are the creator of your own destiny.

Are there any other spirit guide communication signs?

Why, yes! Seeing any of these is a positive sign from the angels:

  • Rainbows.
  • Feathers.
  • Finding coins.
  • Patterns in clouds.
  • Sparkles or flashes of light.
  • Particular animals (e.g. dragonflies and butterflies).
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