Welp, Will Forte Shaved Exactly Half His Head Because *Acting*

Say what you want about Will Forte, but his commitment to a bit cannot be faulted.

Whilst getting around with a wild, enormous beard and long hair for his role on the sitcom The Last Man on Earth was probably enough in and of itself, the former SNL all-star has given things a blast from the ole’ spice weasel and kicked things up several notches in the fashion stakes.
Appearing at both the Critics Choice Awards and a subsequent FOX Network party over the weekend, Forte sported a head that he’d shaved completely in half.
Right down the vertical middle.
Left side: hairy. Right side: Beard, hair, eyebrows, all completely gone.
Left side: Grizzly Adams. Right side: Billy Corgan.
And if you thought the front side was weird enough…
…check out the back.
At least he was joined in spirit by his Last Man co-star Mel Rodriguez in the endeavour, although the effect was decidedly less profound.
You can only assume it’s for a bit in the show, but who knows. Never underestimate the lengths a comedic performer will go to for a cheap laugh or two, after all.
Photos: Kevin Mazur, Todd Williamson/Getty Images.