Wednesday Is On Track To Pass Stranger Things’ Ratings After Barely Two Weeks On Netflix

wednesday netflix first month ratings

Netflix’s new smash hit Wednesday is on pace to overtake Stranger Things season four for most hours viewed in its first four weeks of being on the streaming service.

The new Addam’s Family-based series starring Jenna Ortega in the never-perky lead role has already been watched more than 752.52 million times in its first two weeks, which is beyond kooky. It’s looking like the tv series will overtake Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (856.22 million hours) in Netflix’s all-time ranking of English-language series.

The Wednesday tv series is also well-placed to crack the top three shows in any language on Netflix, which includes Stranger Things season four (1.35b hours) and Squid Game (1.65b hours). Bloody hell that’s a lot of eyeballs in a very short amount of time.

Business Insider reports if the altogether ooky Gen Z spinoff maintains its viewership ratings, it’ll likely nudge past Stranger Things and give the South Korean survival drama a good run for its money.

Ortega’s unblinking Wednesday broke Netflix’s record for an English-language series’ first-week ratings by raking in a massive 341.23 million hours watched — smashing the record set by Stranger Things season four.

It’s an absolutely huge effort for a show that popped up on our devices in late November, well after the official spooky season was over and we were squarely focused on watching as many cheesy Christmas flicks as we possibly can.

Now to keep an eye or three on the Netflix charts next week to see if Wednesday can creep into the big leagues with our other most-watched shows.

It just goes to show that the mind of Tim Burton — and the power of Wednesday Addams — is always going to draw in the eyeballs, in their sockets or not.