It’s 2020 And Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson Are ‘Seriously’ Discussing A Wedding Crashers Sequel

Fifteen years after Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson entered the Will Ferrell-verse in Wedding Crashers, it appears the film’s stars are seriously discussing a sequel. Bloody excellent news for anyone who just can’t sleep at night without knowing what happened to those lunky man-children after they drove into the sunset.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, Vaughn said he’s been chatting with Wilson and the film’s director, David Dobkin, about fleshing out the Wedding Crashers cinematic universe.

Saying it’s the first time the trio has “seriously” considered a sequel, Vaughn revealed they’ve finally stumbled upon a follow-up idea that’s “pretty good”.

“So we are talking about that in the early stages,” he said.

In case you missed it the first time around, Wedding Crashers saw Vaughn and Wilson portray a couple of fellas who simply could not stop trespassing on private events to shoot their respective shots. In the process, they wound up dating sisters played by Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher. Hilarity ensued.

But, as pointed out by USA Today a couple of months back, the film’s final scene left some wiggle room for the story.

The set-piece shot, which showed the two couples driving away from single life, lingered on the Washington Monument.

“In the end, they got closer to the big phallus in the sky,” Dobkin said of the scene. Maybe it’s just me – and perhaps my brain has been totally bleached by US politics – but I cannot help but think any potential sequel would involve some kind promotion. Election Crashers, perhaps.


While we wait for a potential Wedding Crashers expansion pack, Vaughn is in a new slasher-comedy called Freaky, in which his character apparently inhabits the body of teenage girl. You can catch him having a chat about that whole situation below: