The Bachelor‘ has always been a big fan of traditional symbols of love: roses, wine, desserts, suits, evening gowns, forcing people to stand on a tiny glass platform high above waves and rocks that would smash them to bits in a second.

I don’t pretend to know what the secret to romance is, but in my head it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with being forced to think about my possible imminent death at the hands of a guy who didn’t set up the crane rig 100% correctly, while I’m busy trying to charm someone.

But I could be wrong, judging by how well the date went for Megan and Richie when they did exactly that.

We Need To Discuss That High-Altitude Glass Terror-Bench On ‘The Bachelor’

A few questions, firstly: where the fuck did they get that platform? Did they already have the platform? Did they hire the platform? Did they make the platform? Did they know a bloke who had a crane and a glass platform and just thought “Fuck it, that’ll add some production value.”?

A solid 20 minutes of hard research and I’ve been unable to find a place that will hire out a crane and a pre-fabricated romantic viewing platform, let alone one that’ll do it in Sydney, which leads me to believe they built it and are hopefully going to use it a thousand times more to get their money’s worth. That, or the crew has an incredible place to do Friday afternoon beers.

Judging from the sheer amount of wires attached both the top and bottom of the platform and also to harnesses neatly hidden underneath the pair’s clothing, it’s probably pretty safe – that doesn’t stop it from being pants-shittingly terrifying.

Oh look, what’s that beneath us? Certain death.

We Need To Discuss That High-Altitude Glass Terror-Bench On ‘The Bachelor’

If you missed the episode or you want to relive this and the sumo wrestling / roller derby, you can watch it right here.

Photo: Channel 10.