We Love Love

Big Love, certain cynics will maintain, is nothing more than Hollywood propaganda. They’ll claim it’s the kind of absolute ideal that could never exist in a world filled with chaos and self-serving scoundrels. If it were up to these lonely Nihilists Big Love would exist only in epic Fleetwood Mac cuts or Polygamist television shows and Romantic Comedies would be outlawed.

But guys, if I could get cheesy for a second here, I beg to differ. Though my love life has never hinged upon airport foot speed or reached its climax while fully clothed in the rain – Hollywood’s portrayal of big, big love, overly-sentimental though it may be, it usually pretty charming. Actually, losing yourself in a manipulative Rom-Com is one of life’s most reliable guilty pleasures.

Naturally with Valentines Day just around the corner, some amorous Cinemaphile has created a montage of the most sickly sweet “I Love You’s” in film history. So hold the hand of the one you love, hit play and enjoy your recent election as Head-Schmaltzer of Emotion City, Cheese Valley.

Happy Valentines Day everyone! xoxo