We Live In Time: Andrew Garfield & Florence Pugh Star In Film That Is Going To Be The Death Of Me

The highly anticipated first trailer for A24’s upcoming romantic-dramedy We Live In Time starring Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh has been released online, and there are not enough tissues in the world to prepare me for this film. Take that however you will.

Director John Crowley has gifted the world by putting these two absolutely stunning actors alongside each other in what could be one of the most emotionally devastating movies of the year.

If the new trailer is anything to go by, this film is going to build us up with all the amazing romantic chemistry between Pugh and Garfield, only to then take a devastating twist and leave us all a crying mess. I can’t wait.

Also, in a massive win for the stans, Garfield and Pugh have both been allowed to use their actual British accents in the film — a shake up from pretending to be Americans in Marvel movies. When this movie makes a hundred-thousand-billion dollars, we will know why.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming rom-com We Live In Time.

Is there aWe Live In Time trailer?

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, fans were finally blessed with a trailer for We Live In Time on July 10, and it was everything we could have dreamed.

Climbing straight to the trending chart on YouTube, the trailer received more than a million views in its first 12 hours. I was half of them. Now go watch it below, and I will too.

When is the release date for We Live In Time ?

We Live In Time is slated for a theatrical release in the United States on October 11, 2024. But what about the country that matters?

Unfortunately, no official release date for We Live In Time has been provided for Australia. Apparently the time(zone) we live in isn’t a priority for the international distribution company, Studio Canal.

While no release date has been given, we can hope and pray to the Lord above (Andrew Garfield) that it comes out at around the same period. Otherwise the only time I’ll be living in is a bad one.

What is the plot for We Live In Time?

We Live In Time will tell the decade-spanning, deeply moving romance between chef Almut (Pugh) and Tobias (Garfield). After a chance occurrence — AKA car crash — brings the two together, they fall in love. An incredibly relatable premise, as I too would crash my car if I saw either Florence Pugh or Andrew Garfield while driving.

The film will show how their love builds from that first interaction, into them falling for each other, and starting a life together and having a kid.

That’s right. Some lucky kid out there gets to say that Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh are their parents.

I know I’ve referred to Andrew as daddy before, but this kid got paid to, and for that I will always be jealous.

However, as time progresses they will battle some kind of emotional challenge, with Almut appearing to contract some kind of sickness that they face as a family.

We Live In Time will show snapshots of Almut’s and Tobias’ lives together, and take audiences on a journey as these characters learn to cherish their time together.

It’s kind of giving About Time (2013) and The Fault In Our Stars (2014) vibes, which is great news for people who love to watch romantic dramas that turn them into a puddle of tears.

How did fans react to the We Live In Time trailer?

After being teased with posters and behind the scenes photos, once the first trailer for We Live In Time finally dropped, fans of the two Hollywood stars went absolutely bonkers online.

Some people began immediately sharing how emotional the trailer made them, and pointed out that if that is any indication of how the film itself goes, then they are “not surviving” it.

TBH, same. But that’s why I’m excited.

As well as people eagerly anticipating the emotional impact of the film, other fans online were keen for another element of We Live In Time that I might not have mentioned already: but did you know it actually stars Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh?

Ugh, I’m going to be a wreck. I already know this movie is going to be the end of me in so many ways.

You know how guys see Ryan Reynolds and say “literally me”? Well Andrew is literally, literally me. He’s the best and I love him.

Just calling it here early: this movie will win them both Oscars. Mark my words.

[Image: We Live In Time/A24]