So uh – we don’t mean to alarm you, but Handmaids are literally wandering through the streets of Sydney today, and it’s unsettling as hell.

If you’re not familiar with Margaret Atwood‘s iconic 1985 novel ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘, it takes place in a dystopian future under fundamentalist Christian rule where nuclear war has severely impeded humanity’s ability to breed.

Handmaids, in their red-and-white uniforms designed to constrict movement and prevent any accidentally lusting (note the blinders?), are forced into sexual slavery to provide rich, barren women with bubs.

And today, they’re roaming the streets of Sydney:

We Don’t Mean To Alarm, But Actual Handmaids Are Roaming Sydney Right Now
(Credit: SBS On Demand / Facebook.)

#thehandmaidstale is happening from today on #sbsondemand Came across this little happening in Martin Place and scored a free copy of the book. Thanks @sbs_australia I can’t wait to read and see it!

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Under his eye #resistanceisfertile

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#TheHandmaidsTale on @sbs_australia looks amazing. Did you see the Handmaids out in Sydney today?

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The stunt is of course to promote the fact that ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is available on SBS On Demand from today. The television adaptation has been getting rave reviews from the United States, so you should absolutely give it burl in this writer’s opinion. Additionally, the Handmaids are handing out copies of Atwood’s classic, i.e. one of the cornerstones of feminist literature. If you can, get yer mitts on one. It’s extremely good.

Photo: SBS On Demand.