The enigmatic romanticism of Paris – with maladroit comedic undertones attached – has been chronicled in film a bazillion times over [see Gerard Depardieu’s entire back catalogue]. It’s the quintessential breeding ground for innocuous romantic humour where the bumbling can rise to a new level of heroism. Which is probably why Woody Allen chose the city of love for his most recent feature, Midnight in Paris.

He brings with him an A team of Hollywood heavyweights, including the king of maladroit humour, Owen Wilson. Wilson plays his typical awkward self. The main conflict comes after some late night amour at an enchanting Parisian speakeasy becomes ‘amour’ than a once off and Wilson jeopardizes his relationship with fellow Wedding Crashers alumni Rachel McAdams.

Woody is great at painting a genuine urbane aura – which is why it was crucial to include a bearded intellectual (Michael Sheen) who has nothing but lecherous intentions toward McAdams’ character. Comedy gold. The film also stars Adrien Brody, Carla Bruni, and Marion Cotillard, to add yet more lust to the fire.