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We always thought winning a Screen Actors Guild Award would feel great, but until we saw Winona Ryder collect one as part of the kick-arse Stranger Things ensemble, we didn’t know it could cause spontaneous goddamn euphoria. 
After the supremely talented cast took to the stage – besting The Crown, Game Of Thrones, Downton Abbey and Westworld for the drama-category award – the ascendant Ryder provided a handy translation of star David Harbour’s speech, for people who only understand the language of gurn.
As Harbour issued a fire-and-brimstone callout to the “bullies” who’ve infiltrated public life, Ryder’s face presented a heady mix of wonderment, enthusiasm, and just a touch of spacey-ness. Just like the series itself, then:

While the speech itself has already drawn social media attention for its earnest appeal to human goodness – and its apparent approval of punching aforementioned bullies square in the kisser – the punters are frothing over Ryder’s mercurial mug:

It sure did. Have at it, internet:

Source and photo: Variety / Twitter.