WATCH: We’ve Finally Got A Sneak Peek At ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’

Fuckin’ yeah. Guardians of the Galaxy was a real solid film, and probably one of the very few Marvel flicks which have managed to kind of break the regular superhero mould and do something interesting with and interesting comic book property. Fans have been frothing at the bit for a look at the next instalment, and we’ve kinda got one.

Don’t really know what to call this one, tbh. It’s not quite a teaser, but not quite a trailer. Let’s stick with sneak peek.
It reveals nothing but the basics, but it looks extremely fun and expensive also. We’re also glad to see that the retro soundtrack of the first instalment – which was so key to its unique feel – is back with a vengeance.
Source: YouTube.
Photo: YouTube.