While doting Wes Anderson fans wait for his anticipated big screen return Moonrise Kingdom, the auteur has lent his directorial chops to the world of advertising. Earlier this year he teamed up with Hyundai for a SuperBowl ad about an Andersonian useless man child; now he has directed a series of commercials for Sony Xperia smart phone. The first installment has been released, and it employs two techniques the director has previously employed to great effect: a charming child-like view of the world (Rushmore) and stop-motion animation (Fantastic Mr Fox).

For the ad series, Sony asked different kids to imagine what’s inside the Xperia phones that makes them special and Anderson and animation house, Laika, brought their visions to life. The results, while absurd according to the laws of basic physics, are undeniably freaking sweet.

Via Hollywood Reporter